Garmin Nuvifone G60 ➝

From Wilson Rothman’s review of the Garmin Nuvifone G60 on Gizmodo:

  • The resistive touchscreen reminds me of phones circa 2006, bad for everything but big-button tapping.
  • Sometimes the accelerometer just stops working completely.
  • It’s crashy—screens froze twice while I was writing this, forcing a full-on hard restart.

It’s also worth noting that the review has a “What’s Bad” section, but a “What’s Good” section is mysteriously missing.

Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60 May Have June Release Date

Update 10/8/09: David Pogue on the Nuvifone G60’s resistive touchscreen:

But whatever technology Garmin (and Asus, its computing collaborator) chose for the Nuvifone’s touch screen was a balky mistake. You have to really bear down to make it register a click, and “flicking” to scroll a list works only sometimes. The rest of the time, it registers a click on whatever item was beneath your finger at the start of the flick. It’s wildly frustrating.

Update 10/14/09: Darren Murph of Engadget Mobile on the Nuvifone G60:

Honestly, you probably know already if the nüvifone G60 is right for you or not. At $299 on contract, you’ve got a lot of smartphone options, and unless navigation is your number one priority, almost any of them are superior to this.

Update 10/28/09: That $299.99 price point didn’t last too long. Although AT&T is still charging $299.99 (after mail-in rebate), Amazon has the Garmin Nuvifone G60 available for $99.99. I had some time with the Nuvifone at my local AT&T store and it isn’t good. It’s only a matter of time before this device is either discontinued or is available for free with a 2-year contract.