Craig Hunter on webOS’s iTunes Syncing ➝

Craig Hunter puts into words what we have all been thinking:

Clearly, other companies know how to sync painlessly with iTunes music (see RIM’s Blackberry Media Sync for example), so why doesn’t Palm develop a syncing solution for their own hardware? The exact reason is unknown, but my guess is that it’s a combination of things. Perhaps Palm doesn’t have the resources to develop their own sync app. Or maybe they want some publicity. Or maybe they just want to push Apple’s buttons. Who really knows. But I seriously question the strategy and brains of any company that ties critical product capabilities to the unsupported use of their competitor’s software. I mean, really? Can it get any more ridiculous? Can you possibly send a more mixed, less confidence-inspiring, “we’re a bunch of hacks who can’t provide our own sync software for our products” message to customers?

At first I thought that Palm would try out iTunes syncing, hoping that Apple wouldn’t do anything about it. As a backup I assumed that when Apple did block it Palm would simply release a dedicated syncing application that they had waiting in the wings. It’s safe to assume that Palm doesn’t have a dedicated application waiting in the wings, iTunes syncing is Palm’s syncing solution.

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Update 10/30/09: iTunes 9.0.2

Update 11/18/09: webOS 1.3.1 Does Not Enable iTunes Syncing