Amazon Kindle with International Wireless ➝

Amazon Kindle

Amazon has announced a new international version of the Kindle. This new model will be able to download content in over 100 countries and territories. It has the same specs as the current 6-inch Kindle but features cellular networking from AT&T.

Amazon isn’t going the simple route and calling this new version “The Kindle International” but is instead calling both 6-inch models the Kindle, differentiating them with parenthetical phrases, e.g. “U.S. Wireless” or “U.S. & International Wireless”. It’s more confusing then it needs to be.

The International Kindle (as I am going to call it) will be available October 19 for $279. The current Kindle is seeing a price cut to $259, which is getting even closer to the all important $199 price point.

Shortly after the announcement of the International Kindle, Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener told TechFlash that an international version of the Kindle DX will be coming “sometime next year.”

Kindle with U.S. Wireless $259
Kindle with U.S. & International Wireless $279

Update 10/14/09: Some more information has been trickling out about the International Kindle. Not only will you be charged $1.99 for downloading a book from your archive while overseas, but the Kindle’s web browser will be also disabled while outside the US.

Update 10/22/09: The New York Times reports that Amazon has dropped the price of the International Kindle to $259 and will no longer sell the Kindle with just U.S. Wireless.