Zune HD Coming September 15 ➝

Zune HD Best Buy Displayer

Gizmodo was recently sent some pictures from a Best Buy employee showing the Zune HD displayer for the store. The displayer clearly shows September 15 as the release date for the device.

This leak comes shortly after another (or possibly the same) Best Buy employee leaked the pricing for the Zune HD, 16GB for $220 and 32GB for $290. Amazon later confirmed these prices when the Zune HD went up on their website for a brief period.

I’m not sure how real consumers are going to react to the Zune HD but if what I’ve read from other websites are any indication, it is going to be a real winner. I still don’t expect the device to sell as well as Microsoft might hope but for those of you who purchase it, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Update 8/13/09: Not only has Microsoft officially announced the September 15 release date, the $220 for 16GB, and the $290 for 32GB pricing , but you can also now pre-order the Zune HD on Amazon.

Update 8/14/09: Gizmodo recently recorded a video demoing the Zune HD’s television user interface. Not only is it beautiful but it is exactly what iPod owners have been asking Apple to build since the fifth generation iPod. It let’s you use a remote to playback media on your television, it’s that simple and yet Apple hasn’t invested the relatively small amount of time toward developing it.