Snow Leopard Officially Coming August 28 ➝

Snow Leopard

The rumors were true (and my prediction as well) Snow Leopard will be shipping on August 28. I’ve been running the betas for a few months on my MacBook and there isn’t a single change that I wouldn’t consider to be an improvement.

Apple has also revealed the box art for snow Leopard. The retail packaging that was leaked last week was real. So, when you unbox your copy of Snow Leopard expect a white box and a big cat to be staring back at you.

I have pre-ordered Snow Leopard on Amazon but the shipping status still hasn’t changed, currently there is no indication of when Amazon pre-orders will arrive to customers.

There is still some question as to what build number will be in the box. Monday is almost over so the “leaked” screenshots of 10A435 are obviously fake. It is more than likely 10A432 will be the build in the retail box.

Snow Leopard Coming August 28
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Update 8/25/09: Just received an email from Amazon regarding the delivery status for my Mac OS X Snow Leopard Family Pack. The estimated arrival date is September 2-4.

Update 8/25/09: A Twitter and Tumblr user by the name of Pedro Ample has received a retail copy of Snow Leopard early and has confirmed that build 10A432 is what comes on the retail disc. He has posted images of the retail box on Tumblr while confirming the build number on Twitter.

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