Apple May Add Anti-Glare Option to More MacBook Pros ➝

Anti-Glare MacBook Pro

AppleInsider is citing sources “who have proven familiar with the company’s plans,” saying that Apple is considering adding more anti-glare options to the MacBook Pro line.

There has been quite a bit of complaining in the Apple community ever since Apple decided to give the iMac and the MacBook line glossy displays. Currently the only model with an anti-glare option is the oh so expensive 17-inch. It is likely that the 15-inch MacBook Pro will get this option but I’m still unsure about the 13-inch, since it has had a glossy display since the MacBook was first introduced in 2006.

I own both a MacBook and a glossy display iMac and haven’t had any problems with them. Then again, I don’t often find myself in a situation where I would be bothered by the light in the room, it isn’t too difficult to tilt the screen a hair. But, I would still like the option, if only to keep from hearing the complaints about it.

Image credit to Kevin Lim

Update 8/11/09: The anti-glare option has been added to the 15-inch MacBook Pro. The upgrade will cost $50 and is available immediately from Apple’s online store.