CrunchPad Concept Launch Design ➝

CrunchPad Concept Design

Today on TechCrunch Michael Arrington revealed the conceptual drawings for the CrunchPad. Also, saying that the industrial design of the device is almost done.

The enclosure is now made of aluminum instead of plastic, which is more expensive but makes the whole device much more sturdy and allows them to cut the overall thickness of the device down to 18mm.

The device runs Linux and boots directly into a WebKit based web browser. They have posted a video to YouTube showing the devices software off including various gestures that are used to navigate. I’m not too fond of the gesture idea but I am getting really excited about the device.

There hasn’t been any more news about pricing but Arrington did say in his post today that the next time they talk publicly about the CrunchPad will be at a press and user event sometime in July.