Mac Magazine Posts Images of Snow Leopard ➝

The images posted by Mac Magazine show some new features of the yet to be released Mac operating system, Snow Leopard. There isn’t much detail in Mac Magazine’s post so I’m just going to throw some text at you with an image gallery below (just in case Mac Magazine gets a take down notice from Apple, or decides to take it down themselves).

  • Put back option has been added to the Trash (a feature I’ve been waiting forever for).
  • Icon resize slider in Finder.
  • Date and time are now included in the naming scheme for screenshots.
  • New “Trim” option in the edit menu of QuickTime X.
  • Share menu in QuickTime X with iTunes and MobileMe Gallery options.

(Mac Magazine also posted some videos of Snow Leopard but unfortunately I was unable to make my own copies of them before they were taken down.)

(English Translation)

Update 5/19/09: AppleInsider has posted some images and videos from their forums depicting some more of the new features in Snow Leopard. Some of those images have been added to the gallery above.

Update 6/2/09: Flickr user inewton1974 has posted a gallery with more Snow Leopard screenshots.

Update 6/10/09: Snow Leopard is officially coming in September with all of these features and more. WWDC Keynote 2009.