Rogue Amoeba Introduces Airfoil Speakers Touch for the iPhone ➝

Airfoil Speakers TouchAirfoil is an amazing application by Rogue Amoeba, it allows you to send audio to AirPort speakers from any application you wish. I’ve been using Airfoil ever since I purchased my AirPort Express, but have been dreaming of a day when I could send audio from Airfoil to my iPhone. You see, Rogue Amoeba also makes an application called Airfoil Speakers that allows you to use that as a destination for audio through Airfoil, just install Airfoil speakers on a computer within the same network and it becomes an destination for audio from Airfoil.

Airfoil Speakers has been available for Windows, Mac, and Linux but now Airfoil Speakers is available for the iPhone and iPod touch as well. I haven’t spent too much time with the app but I already know that I love it.

It is a very simple app, all the control you really have access to is volume. All of the audio source control is on the computer that is sending the audio.

What is really great about this app is that I can now open up Twit Live in Firefox and send the audio to my Apple TV, my AirPort Express, my iPhone connected to a speaker dock, and still play the audio through my computer. This is whole home audio at its finest.

Airfoil Speakers Touch is available now and is completely free. You do need Airfoil for the Mac or Windows (available for $25) to use Airfoil Speakers Touch but if you are at all interested in whole home audio you probably already own the app.
Airfoil Speakers Touch Screenshot