James Kendrick Claims CrunchPad May Not Happen, With No Evidence ➝

Don’t you just love it when someone claims something that they have absolutely no solid evidence to back up?

The CrunchPad is looking pretty darn good if you ask me, but it’s important to bear in mind that this thing may not ever appear on the market. There are lots of factors involved and let’s hope that Arrington and crew get them all in line and that the CrunchPad does make it to market.

That quote above is all JKonTheRun (linked below) says about the CrunchPad not coming to market, yet the title of the post is “CrunchPad: Looking Good, May Not Happen.” If you can read (which you must be able to, since you are reading this) you can tell that the closest James Kendrick has to evidence is stating that there are a lot of factors involved, this dances around the idea that Michael Arrington can’t pull this off because it seems like too much work. But, remember that Michael Arrington started TechCrunch, a (seemingly) profitable blog that has since started its own conference and has also launched many other blogs about various topics in the technology space, I would say that this would be difficult too, but Michael Arrington made it happen, let’s wait and see what happens with the CrunchPad.

I have admitted that I was skeptical about the CrunchPad, but I must also admit that the device looks pretty solid and has a very clear path to the market.

Update 6/5/09: Even after the recent concept designs the doubtful James Kendrick is saying “let’s hope it makes it to market.”

Update 7/31/09: There is even more evidence that James Kendrick doesn’t know what he is talking about; the CrunchPad specs have been revealed.

Update 11/8/09: Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that higher-than-expected costs are causing the CrunchPad’s delay. The implication is that the project is dead, which means James Kendrick may have been right. But, I would like to point out that the basis for his argument was that “there are lots of factors involved” and although cost is definitely a factor, Kendrick’s piece seems to imply that it’ll be too much work for Michael Arrington to pull it off.

Although I no longer plan on purchasing the CrunchPad (if and when it is released), I still don’t believe that the project is dead.