May is the End of Pioneer Kuro Plasmas ➝

Pioneer Kuro Plasma

Pioneer had previously announced that they would cease production of HDTVs but now we hear that if you would like to purchase a Pioneer Plasma you better do it soon.

After May they will essentially be impossible to find, I’m sure you will be able to get one second hand or there may be a few of them lying around in a warehouse somewhere for you to purchase but basically they are going to be gone.

It is sad news for all of us who enjoy good picture quality, Pioneer made the best HDTVs and were of significantly better quality than any other television manufacturer. There is still the possibility that Panasonic would be able to pick up the baton and build better plasma TVs, but it is more likely that LED based LCD displays will completely takeover the HDTV market.

On April 1 Pioneer will roll out their final four models, two 50-inch and two 60-inch TVs. Pioneer will continue to service televisions in Japan until 2017 (details of other markets isn’t currently available).