Mike Becky

Palm Pre Beta Tester Leaks Details on Twitter ➝

Jim Van of Logicomm, an I.T. support shop in Providence, Rhode Island recently posted a few tweets talking about the Palm Pre.

The most important tweet is regarding the release date of the Palm Pre which Van claims is April 30. All of this could be fake of course, but since he is from Logicomm and the Twitter account has since been set to private it could be real.

The Palm Pre is a greatly anticipated phone, even by me, a huge iPhone fanatic. The Palm Pre could be Palm’s ticket back to the big time in terms of market share (or at least mind share) in the realm of smartphones. If the suggested release date is indeed true it would mean Palm is going to release the Palm Pre before Apple releases their next hardware iteration, which would be a huge win for Palm and might help them steal some customers from AT&T (while in the process locking them into a 2 year agreement).

All of @Logicomminc’s tweets regarding the Palm Pre:

  • Got Pre to work on Twitter, but it’s a tad cludgy…#Palm Pre
  • Sprint claims that 4/30 is a line in the sand, according to my acct mgr there…he’s usually right on #Palm Pre
  • UI is VERY clean, well thought out, made for fingers. Somebody used their brains on the design. Palm’s always been cool like that
  • Just used browser to remote in and play on our doc server..almost like computing w/out kbd…loaded word doc quickly..nice #Palm Pre

Update 3/30/09: Jim Van also tweeted the price of the device, which he claims to be $299.99 with a 2 year contract.

Update 4/16/09: There have now been a couple other rumors for Palm Pre release dates. May 17 and June 29.

Update 4/28/09: SprintGurus claims June 7 as a possible release date.

Update 5/5/09: April 30 has come and gone and still no Palm Pre, obviously Jim Van hasn’t got a clue.

Update 5/13/09: A Boy Genius Report tipster claims that Palm will be making an announcement in the Wall Street Journal on May 19, there is a distinct possability that Palm will reveal the Pre release date then.

Update 5/15/09: A Palm Pre giveaway by Sprint says May 29 is the date of the drawing, also saying that $542.01 is the price of the device (probably unsubsidized including accessories). This suggest that the Palm Pre won’t be coming out until after May 29.