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Amazon Plans Tablet for Fall ➝

Stu Woo and Yukari Iwatani Kane writing for the Wall Street Journal:

Amazon plans to release a tablet computer by October, people familiar with the matter said, intensifying its rivalry with Apple’s iPad.

Out of all of the consumer electronics companies in the world, I think Amazon could be Apple’s single strongest competitor in the tablet market. And, they haven’t even announced theirs yet.

Verizon Holding Media Event on January 11 ➝

Jim Dalrymple reporting for The Loop:

The Verizon event will be held in New York, according to the invitation received by The Loop. While it doesn’t mention anything about Apple this could be the Verizon iPhone. Typically, Apple’s special events are held on the company’s campus in Cupertino, Calif.

One could assume that this is just some Verizon event where they’ll pull out a bunch of ho-hum Android devices, but the Wall Street Journal’s Yukari Iwatani Kane and Shayndi Raice are reporting that Verizon will be announcing a Verizon iPhone.

The largest U.S. wireless carrier will make the long-awaited announcement at an event Tuesday in New York City, a person familiar with the matter said Friday.

But, it might not just be Verizon on stage to announce the CDMA iPhone. John Paczkowski has sources that tell him that Steve Jobs may be joining Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdam on stage for the announcement. I’m not so sure about it though. If Verizon runs the whole event they can spend a lot of time putting AT&T down, all Steve Jobs can do is talk about how great of an opportunity it will be to add another carrier in the US. Although, Steve Jobs could be taking the stage to give a bit of a hat-tip to AT&T assuring them that Apple isn’t abandoning the carrier for Verizon.

But, if Steve Jobs is going to take the stage why is the event hosted by Verizon and not Apple? John Gruber wrote on Daring Fireball shortly after news broke of the event answering that very question. His theory:

Apple is fully aware that when they say “We’re having an event next week” that people expect big news and a new product. If they were hosting this event, speculation would be rampant that it would involve a new iPad and maybe an iPhone 5, in addition to the expected Verizon deal.

Seems reasonable to me. I’m certain if Apple were to hold the event everyone would have jumped to conclusions assuming some sort of huge product announcement. But, with Verizon holding the event the only expectation is that they’ll announce a CDMA iPhone.

WSJ and NYT Confirm Verizon iPhone Next Year ➝

Yukari Iwatani Kane and Ting-I Tsai writing for the Wall Street Journal:

Apple plans to begin mass producing the new iPhone by the end of the year, and it would be released in the first quarter of 2011, these people said. The phone would resemble the iPhone 4 currently sold by AT&T, but would be based on an alternative wireless technology used by Verizon, these people said.

There have been rumors of a Verizon-ready iPhone before but this is the first sign that Apple and Verizon have actually come to an agreement.

Not only does this confirmation have a lot of weight because of it’s publisher but it was also partially written by Yukari Kane, the person that I suspect to be Apple’s go-to writer for controlled leaks. She was the writer that got the scoop about Steve Jobs focusing on the tablet last year and she was also one of the writers that broke news about Steve Jobs’ liver transplant.

But it’s not just the Wall Street Journal writing about the Verizon iPhone, the New York Times has also confirmed that Apple will be releasing a Verizon iPhone early next year.

Papermaster’s Cultural Incompatibility ➝

The always well-informed Yukari Iwatani Kane and Ian Sherr, reporting for the Wall Street Journal:

Several people familiar with Mr. Papermaster’s situation said his departure was driven by a broader cultural incompatibility.

Mr. Papermaster had lost the confidence of Mr. Jobs months ago and hasn’t been part of the decision-making process for some time, these people said. They added that Mr. Papermaster didn’t appear to have the type of creative thinking expected at Apple and wasn’t used to Apple’s corporate culture, where even senior executives are expected to keep on top of the smallest details of their areas of responsibility and often have to handle many tasks directly, as opposed to delegating them.

Well, that explains it nicely. Papermaster failed with the iPhone 4 antenna but that wasn’t the only reason he got canned, just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

iPhone HD ➝

Apple’s go-to writer for “controlled leaks” got the ball rolling yesterday when the Wall Street Journal published an article by her and two other writers that focused on Apple’s upcoming iPhone refresh.

Sourcing “people briefed by the company,” the WSJ says that Apple is planning to release a CDMA iPhone compatible with Verizon’s network. Pegatron is said to be manufacturing the new handset and they plan to start mass producing it in September.

Knowing as much as I do about Apple, I find it hard to believe that Apple would release an iPhone on Verizon’s network. Let’s not forget that the Motorola DROID’s entire marketing campaign appears to hinge on what it can do and the iPhone can’t. We also shouldn’t forget about Apple’s line of ads showing the ability to use AT&T’s data network while on a phone call. I just don’t know if Apple’s ready to drop AT&T exclusivity quite yet.

Soon after the Wall Street Journal’s report Engadget heard that the upcoming iPhone would be named the iPhone HD and would be announced on June 22. John Gruber also decided to weigh in and point out that the WSJ didn’t mention anything about the A4-family CPU, the 960×640 display, or the front-facing camera. He doesn’t exactly come right out and say it but it appears that this is what he’s been hearing.

Sounds like this is going to be a pretty good handset. Look out Windows Phone 7 Series.

Update 3/31/10: Changed some wording to make it clear that John Gruber didn’t specifically say that the next iPhone would have all of these features, simply that the WSJ didn’t mention them.

Apple May Ship Tablet in March ➝

John Paczkowski, writing for All Things Digital, says that the rumored Apple event will be on January 27 instead of January 26.

The gathering is to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, a space Apple often uses for media events like this. According to other sources, it will occur on Wednesday, Jan. 27, not Tuesday, Jan. 26, as had been rumored.

The Wall Street Journal’s Yukari Iwatani Kane and Geoffrey A. Fowler report that Apple will announce a tablet at the event that will have a 10 to 11-inch screen and will be shipping in March.

Regarding the material used for the device:

Apple was working on two different material finishes for the device, one of these people said, though it was unclear whether the Cupertino, Calif., company was just testing the finishes or planning to come out with multiple versions of a tablet at different prices.

Much like John Gruber, I find it very odd that they are so certain about the ship date but are uncertain about the finish. Then again, if this announcement is going to be on the level of the first generation iPhone announcement, it wouldn’t surprise me if the tablet team is split up, those working on software and those working on hardware. If that’s the case then it is entirely possible that someone in the company could know about a release time frame but not know many details regarding the hardware.

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Update 1/6/10: John Martellaro shares his knowledge of Apple’s planned leaks:

Often Apple has a need to let information out, unofficially. The company has been doing that for years, and it helps preserve Apple’s consistent, official reputation for never talking about unreleased products. I know, because when I was a Senior Marketing Manager at Apple, I was instructed to do some controlled leaks.

He says that this recent Wall Street Journal report has all the signs of a planned leak. Seth Weintraub of 9 to 5 Mac takes it one step further and points out that Yukari Iwatani Kane has had a part in many of the recent “likely leaked stories.”

Steve Jobs Has Been Focusing on the Tablet ➝

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that since Steve Jobs’ return to Apple he has been focusing much of his attention on the tablet.

Since his return in late June, the 54-year-old has been pouring almost all of his attention into a new touch-screen gadget that Apple is developing, said people familiar with the situation.

Also saying that some employees that had grown accustomed to “a level of freedom” while Jobs was on his leave of absence have found his intense scrutiny “jarring.”

In a response to the Wall Street Journal’s request for comment, Jobs said “much of your information is incorrect.”

The Yukari Iwatani Kane was one of the writers of the Wall Street Journal piece that broke the news about Steve Jobs’ liver transplant so clearly we are dealing with someone who has fantastic sources. I have no doubt in my mind that the tablet is coming in 2010.

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