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Open Floor Plans ➝

Brent Simmons:

Here’s why I work in an office: when I’m around other people — it doesn’t matter who they are — I feel a constant low-simmering level of anxiety. And I find it extremely difficult to be productive when I feel any level of anxiety at all.

Same. I find it incredibly difficult to work while other people are milling about in the same room as me.

Shawn Blanc on His Ideal Workspace ➝

My ideal workspace would be an 11-inch MacBook Air next to an iPad Air 2 propped up by a TwelveSouth Compass. I’d have headphones in my ears plugged into an iPhone in my pocket playing the latest State Champs or Tonight Alive album. My devices would be sitting on a large wooden table with only a lamp, notebook, and pen to accompany them. I’d be sitting in front of the table in a comfortable rolling chair inside of a small room with no other furniture, but lots of Windows for natural light.