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Sabbaticals at Automattic ➝

A.I. Sajib:

Every Automattician, after reaching the five-year anniversary milestone, is eligible to take up to 90 days off from work to completely disconnect, recharge, and do anything they like. […]

How you spend your sabbatical is entirely up to you. You can dedicate this time fully to tending to your families and loved ones. You can take up a course and skill up in the areas you’re interested in. You can take up a new hobby or finally dedicate time to the one you’ve been putting off. You can even travel the world if your heart desires.

Or you can just relax, tend to the garden, and enjoy time in serenity.

I’ve got about two years until mine.

➝ Source: ais.blog

Open Floor Plans ➝

Brent Simmons:

Here’s why I work in an office: when I’m around other people — it doesn’t matter who they are — I feel a constant low-simmering level of anxiety. And I find it extremely difficult to be productive when I feel any level of anxiety at all.

Same. I find it incredibly difficult to work while other people are milling about in the same room as me.

Shawn Blanc on His Ideal Workspace ➝

My ideal workspace would be an 11-inch MacBook Air next to an iPad Air 2 propped up by a TwelveSouth Compass. I’d have headphones in my ears plugged into an iPhone in my pocket playing the latest State Champs or Tonight Alive album. My devices would be sitting on a large wooden table with only a lamp, notebook, and pen to accompany them. I’d be sitting in front of the table in a comfortable rolling chair inside of a small room with no other furniture, but lots of Windows for natural light.