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Microsoft Is Bringing Windows to a Web Browser ➝

Parker Ortolani, writing for 9 to 5 Mac:

Today, Microsoft unveiled a new service called Windows 365, and it makes it possible for users to run a full version of Windows in a web browser on any device. The new service is only available for businesses at first, but given Microsoft’s emphasis on cloud platforms, it is highly likely that it will become available for consumers at some point in the future. Microsoft is offering Windows 365 for businesses of all sizes, whether you are a one-person show or a giant organization. The best part? You can run Windows 365 on an iPad in addition to a Mac.

Because of Apple’s stranglehold on native applications on iOS, I have a feeling the browser is going to become a lot more important over the next few years. I’ll be curious to see how resistant Apple will be to some much needed improvements to web app support and how much developers start really clamoring for them — the lack of support for notifications immediately comes to mind.

➝ Source: 9to5mac.com