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Boot Camp Now Supports Windows 10 ➝

A wide variety of Macs are supported including models from 2012.

Windows 10 Quietly Includes Ad Targeting ➝

Alec Meer, writing for Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

People aren’t so hot on paying for things these days, which means the money comes from harvesting data and flogging it to advertisers and other organisations who want to know exactly what we’re all up to online. Microsoft want a piece of that, so if you ever wondered why they’ve made the Windows 10 upgrade free to Win 7 & 8 users, here’s one possible answer. Windows 10 has all sorts of user tracking baked right in.

Luckily, you can opt-out of the data collection and Alec even explains how. But this is just outrageous to me.

I don’t know what it’s going to take in order to convince our culture that software isn’t free. But I’m willing to do almost anything at this point — I can’t even convince my family members to purchase $1.99 apps. That’s not okay. Developers should be compensated for their work and the bulk of that money shouldn’t be coming from advertising or the selling of user data.

(Via Pixel Envy.)

Windows 10 Solitaire Requires a Subscription to Remove Ads ➝

It’s hard to believe this is actually real.

Microsoft Will Automatically Install Candy Crush Saga on Windows 10 ➝

Apple may have screwed up with that U2 album, but that’s nothing compared to bundling this free-to-play garbage in Windows 10.

Live From Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event ➝

Microsoft is also live streaming the event on their own website. I’ve been following along on the aforelinked The Verge liveblog while watching the live stream airplayed from my iPhone to my Apple TV.

Microsoft’s Culture of Baggage ➝

Michael Mulvey:

In the same way that there’s an underlying culture keeping Apple on track well after Steve Jobs has died, so too does Microsoft have an underlying culture holding them back from making great software that doesn’t have a ton of baggage.

I stopped using Windows when I purchased my first mac in 2006. Since then Microsoft hasn’t released anything that could convince me to switch back, and that’s a serious problem.

Windows 10 could be the beginning of a new Microsoft that has a better understanding of what its users actually want in their software. But, I have to see a lot more than a mediocre update to their OS and a new CEO. If Microsoft is ever going to make truly great software again, it’ll take major cultural changes in everyone from the CEO all the way down to the rank and file.

Microsoft Officially Announces Windows 10 ➝

I don’t see a lot that interests me. Certainly nothing worth switching over. And, I can’t believe they went with the name “Windows 10.” As John Gruber points out, what once was an April Fool’s joke is now an actual news story.