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LittleLink ➝

An open source, self-hosted alternative to services like Linktree and many.link.

I was using a WordPress site as a simple landing page, which I was linking to in all of my social bios. And although I love WordPress, it was a bit more than I needed for just a basic one-pager. So I decided to give LittleLink a try instead — you can find mine here.

I wish that it had built-in support for more services — specifically Pixelfed and Micro.blog — but it’s not too much trouble to add manually. I’m pretty happy with the results. If you’re looking for a service like this and enjoy self-hosting, I highly recommend it.

➝ Source: littlelink.io

A Love Letter to My Website ➝

Tobias van Schneider:

Having my own website says I care about what I do beyond clocking in and out and cashing a paycheck. It shows I’m proud of what I create. If my taste or my work or the industry evolves, I have the power to reflect that on my portfolio. If I launch a new project, my first thought is to put it on my homepage. With this blog, I can write articles that connect directly back to me and my website. Social media is a nice way to extend the reach, but it all points back to vanschneider.com.

Your personal website is like your own little piece of the internet. One that lives beyond the ebbs and flows of whatever the latest social networking craze is. Services like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter will rise and fall, but you have control over your own personal website and can keep it active for as long as you want it.

Personal websites are great. If you don’t have one, get one.

(Via Brad Frost.)

➝ Source: vanschneider.com

Into the Personal-Website-Verse ➝

Matthias Ott, on personal websites as an alternative to social networks:

Personal websites are the backbone of the independent Web of creators. Even after all those years, they remain a vital part of what makes the web the most remarkable and open medium to date. We shouldn’t take this for granted, though. If we don’t pay enough attention and care about the open web enough, we might lose this valuable asset. So let us protect the Web as a source of inspiration, diversity, creativity, and community. Let us maintain what we have and work together to make this little part of the magic of the Web sparkle even brighter. Let us help new members of the community to start their journey. Let us build, prototype, publish, and connect.

Read this. And then, if you don’t have one already, buy a domain, get some hosting, and publish a site. There are plenty of resources around the web showing how to do so and you can even use a service like WordPress.com as a one-stop-shop to get everything you need all from one place.