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Bring Back Blogging ➝

Chris Coyier:

I wonder if the term “blog” has too much baggage. Too much history for it to really catch on again and make a dent. 

Maybe “publish your own feed” is a better framing. “Own your RSS.” A feed doesn’t care what it contains. It is content-style agnostic. It’s just timestamped HTML, in a way. Put some audio in it, and it’s a podcast. A feed could be exactly what you would have tweeted before tweeting became cringe.

I like the terms “weblog”, “web publishing”, and “online publishing”.

➝ Source: chriscoyier.net

The Toolkit ➝

Workflow is an essential app for iOS that lets users build script-like systems with a simple drag and drop interface. It’s powerful enough for experts, giving them the flexibility to combine numerous applications and web services into a single workflow. But its still able to maintain an approachability that allows novice users to find utility in it too.

The Toolkit is a collection of workflows for publishing on the web that I’ve developed throughout the two years that I’ve been using the app. As I add to the kit and refine each of the workflows’ functionality, I will be updating The Toolkit’s webpage with these new additions. I simply hope that you’ll find them useful, even if only to build off of or learn from.

Support BirchTree ➝

My good friend Matt Bircher, on his newly launched Support BirchTree page:

If you are a regular around these parts, I’d like to say THANK YOU! You are the reason I write here, and I can’t thank you enough for taking some time out of your day to read the site. If you enjoy the site and want to support its continued development, please consider donating a few dollars […]

I’ve known Matt for a couple of years and he’s always publishing some of the most interesting pieces in this Apple-centric slice of the internet. I wholeheartedly encourage you to throw a couple of bucks his way if you’ve ever enjoyed one of his articles and are interested in supporting independent web publishers.

In addition to helping support his writing and other various projects, you’ll also receive a nifty BirchTree sticker as a thank you. He sent the first batch of stickers out last Thursday and I expect I’ll be receiving mine later today.