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What’s Next for Coda? ➝

From the folks at Panic, on the future of Coda:

We had to make a difficult choice: rewrite Coda for this new world, or leave it behind?

We’ve been making apps for a long time. And we never stopped having a passion for creating beautiful, functional, useful tools that help people do their very best work.

It’s what we are. It’s why we’re here.

So, you can probably guess what we chose.

I’m pretty excited about what they have in store for Coda and I hope they’ll be bringing many of the app’s new features to iOS as well. I built the entirety of Initial Charge’s current design in Coda for iOS and I’d like to do so again whenever I get the itch to refresh the design in the future.

HTTPS Is a Barrier to Entry ➝

Nick Heer, in response to Dave Winer’s piece on Google HTTP:

I also agree with Winer on another key point: enforcing a pseudo-mandatory policy on HTTPS makes it that much harder for someone new to this stuff to even begin to understand it. As Frank Chimero recently wrote, building stuff for the web has become vastly more complicated since even five years ago. I’m happy to keep learning new skills and growing my understanding of what the web can do, but I don’t know where to begin on this modern web. I don’t intend to hold myself up as a barometer of the complexities of modern web programming or anything — I just don’t know what’s going on any more. I’ve been doing this stuff for nearly twenty years. I don’t know how someone who is eight years old could start digging into React, or Node.js, or any of the other modern JavaScript-based ways of writing <h1>hello world</h1>.

I’m sure the kids will figure it out — they always do. However, I worry that introducing more requirements, even something as simple as HTTPS, can be discouraging. That’s the last thing HTTP/HTML web should be: discouraging. It is one of the greatest enablers of communication in human history. Let’s not allow its future to be dictated by browser vendors.

Run Windows 10 on your Mac for Free ➝

Keir Thomas:

Having a Windows installation at hand is always useful for those rare instances when OS X can’t meet your needs. But what if I told you that you can get Windows 10 on your Mac, entirely for free, direct from Microsoft, and with Microsoft’s blessing?

This is a great tip. Especially for web developers that would like to test their sites on Windows browsers.

View Source for iOS ➝

A nifty little app by Paul Hudson that allows you to view a webpage’s HTML code on iOS. You can input a URL into the app itself or, from Safari, use View Source’s share sheet extension to view the current webpage’s source code.

This application has been invaluable to me over the past week as I’ve been working on a redesign of Initial Charge. And not just to view this site’s code, but also to look at how other websites implement various design elements that I can use as examples while writing my own code.

How to Create a Custom Safari Pinned Tab Icon ➝

Anybody know of a reletively inexpensive vector graphics application?

Nilay Patel: ‘The Mobile Web Sucks’ ➝

I’m not the first to point out the irony here, but this article is published on a website that routinely takes several seconds to load it’s multiple Megabyte webpages. As for the browser vendors, don’t blame them for Vox Media’s poor web development. I understand it can be hard to shrink page size and load time when you have five or more ads per wepage, but I never have problems loading websites that have a less hostile attitude towards their readers.