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Anker PowerPort 4 ➝

I decided to purchase this four-port USB charger after spending a few nights in a hotel room for my wedding. With my purchases of an iPad Air 2 last year and an Apple Watch last fall, I now travel with three devices which charge over USB. But the hotel room didn’t have enough power outlets where I needed them to accommodate all of my single-port USB chargers.

I’ve been using this unit by Anker for a couple of days and it does the trick. I can charge my iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch at the same time with only a single power outlet. And when we travel on our honeymoon this summer we can also use it to charge her iPhone, if need be.

I’m not too keen on the LED that remains illuminated while plugged in. But it’s not bright enough to disturb me while sleeping and the positives vastly outweigh this one little annoyance. If you’re in the market for a multi-port USB charger, I highly suggest putting this one under consideration.

Standby Current of a USB Car Charger ➝

Big Mess o’ Wires:

Is a constant 14.2 mA draw enough to worry about discharging the car’s battery? Probably not. From a few quick searches, I learned that a typical car battery has a capacity of around 40 ampere hours. At 14.2 mA, it would take 2817 hours or 117 days to completely discharge the car’s battery. Assuming I drive the car every day, then, it’s not a concern. Even parking the car for a week or two should be fine. But if I ever need to leave the car in storage for an extended period of time, that 14.2 mA could add up. Of course the car itself has its own standby current draw for the anti-theft system and keyless entry, so the USB charger may not even be the largest concern. For typical driving, at least, it appears the USB charger’s standby current draw won’t be a problem.

I thought it was unlikely that leaving a car charger plugged in would drain your battery, but I never had the courage to just leave it that way. The last thing I need is a car that won’t start because I was too lazy to unplug the thing. But now that I know it’s safe to do so, I won’t even worry about it.

The iPad 2 USB Port ➝

AppleInsider is reporting that the editor in chief of Mobile Review, Eldar Murtazin, recently wrote on Twitter that a source has informed him that the iPad 2 will have a USB port.

The tweet, as posted on TwitLonger:

Talked with colleague which working with some ODM vendors connected with Apple. He is research guy. According to his sources iPad2 will have usb port.

This isn’t the first time rumors of the iPad 2’s USB port materialized. Last month the Economic Daily News (as reported by DigiTimes) published rumors that the iPad 2 would have a USB port along with several other new hardware features. This is what I wrote about the USB port last month:

I highly doubt the iPad will be gaining a USB port. One could argue that a USB port would make the iPad more computer-like but Apple doesn’t want the iPad to feel like a computer, they want it to feel like something different. And the biggest problem with adding a USB port is that users would have an expectation that it would work with external hard drives, printers, and all sorts of other peripherals that iOS may never support.

What I failed to realize when I wrote that and what AppleInsider points out in the aforementioned piece is that this USB port could be the result of an agreement between European device makers that ensures that micro-USB would serve as a charger for mobile devices.

I’m not sure if the iPad 2 will have a USB port but the rumors are certainly pointing to it. I’m still worried about the customer’s expectations when they are shown a USB port, but if the port is of the micro-USB variety I think a lot of those expectations will disappear. But, then the question has to be asked: will the 30-pin iPod connector be replaced by the micro-USB port or will the iPad 2 have both ports?