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HP Manufacturing ‘One Last Run’ of TouchPads ➝

Mark Budgell writing for HP:

Despite announcing an end to manufacturing webOS hardware, we have decided to produce one last run of TouchPads to meet unfulfilled demand. We don’t know exactly when these units will be available or how many we’ll get, and we can’t promise we’ll have enough for everyone. We do know that it will be at least a few weeks before you can purchase.

This announcement from HP comes on the same day that Reuters publishes a report claiming that HP might “resurrect” the TouchPad. Reuters’ report doesn’t quote anyone explicitly saying that they might bring the TouchPad back, but does quote the head of HP’s Personal Systems Group, Todd Bradley, who told them “Tablet computing is a segment of the market that’s relevant, absolutely.”

From Rueters report alone, I’d suggest not getting your hopes up about HP bringing the TouchPad back. They couldn’t even get a direct quote from Bradley that they’re considering this move. But, combined with HP’s announcement that they’ll be doing “one last run” of TouchPads makes me a little hopeful that, at least HP’s spun-off computer division, might decide to bring back the TouchPad and webOS as a whole.

(Via Andy Ihnatko.)

HP Leaving the Tablet and Phone Business ➝

From HP’s press release:

HP will consider a broad range of options that may include, among others, a full or partial separation of [Personal Systems Group] from HP through a spin-off or other transaction.

In addition, HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward.

This is sad news. I really wish HP would have given WebOS devices a chance. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. My only hope is that HP sells WebOS to a company that will continue to develop it or that HP will decide to license WebOS to tablet and smartphone manufacturers.

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HP Had WebOS Running on iPad Hardware? ➝

John Gruber regarding Matt Brian’s report of HP engineers hacking WebOS onto the iPad:

I’m deeply skeptical of this without seeing it in action. I don’t doubt that the iPad is better hardware, but if it’s that easy to get WebOS bootstrapped on iPad hardware, why haven’t indie hacker jailbreak types gotten, say, Android running on an iPad, too?

Seems unlikely to me as well. And even if it was true, those engineers’ time would have been better spent optimizing WebOS so that they could have launched the TouchPad with the 3.0.2 update from day one.

TouchPad Update Brings Speed and Stability ➝

Joshua Topolsky:

why didn’t HP just wait a month on this thing? What was the rush to bring an unfinished product to market? Why suffer the bad reviews and initial customer disappointment? Were there retailer pressures here or some other situation we’re not aware of, or was HP simply so hot to trot on getting this product to market that they sabotaged its launch?

It’s a bit odd. And, it is a curious situation. I have to assume that the majority of TouchPad reviews would have been overwhelmingly positive if it had launched with all of the improvements in 3.0.2.

And, here’s Joshua Topolsky’s reaction to the 3.0.2 update in terms of improvements over the previous software version:

The TouchPad post the 3.0.2 update feels much more like the device it was supposed to be. Snappy, tight, sure of itself. When you press the screen or scroll a list (particularly in the mail application, which has been improved) you get what you expect. The keyboard changes may be the most significant here — the onscreen keyboard is not only improved over the previous version, but so accurate that it may just be my favorite tablet keyboard yet. The auto-correction and predictive text input is excellent.

In other words, things are a lot better. And it’s better late then never, I suppose. But, HP’s going to have a hard time digging themselves out of the hole that initial reviews dug for them.

The HP TouchPad 1.0 ➝

Shawn Blanc’s lengthy review of the HP TouchPad. I wasn’t able to read it until today but it’s by far the best review I’ve read of the TouchPad. I especially love that he wasn’t soft in his review by using the “it will get better” excuse.

His conclusion:

But, alas, the TouchPad is far less likable than I expected it would be. As it is I would not recommend it to anyone I know — even my friends with webOS phones.

I want to love WebOS, but unfortunately it just isn’t quite there yet.

TouchPad to Include Cloud-Syncing Music Store ➝

Derek Kessler reporting for PreCentral:

the TouchPad will come with a music syncing solution built-in that utilizes cloud servers to sync and remotely store your music. More than that, it will leverage a “smart algorithm” to ensure that the music the user is most likely to listen to is cached locally on the device. This service will also allow TouchPad owners to stream music that they don’t yet own. There’s also mention that this service will allow you to stream music to HP smartphones, presumably once they too are updated to webOS 3.0 like the TouchPad.

webOS 3.0 Screenshots ➝

Speaking of webOS, Derek Kessler has published several screenshots of the HP TouchPad variant of webOS 3.0.

HP CEO: TouchPad Launches in June ➝

They also plans on releasing a beta version of webOS that will run on PCs later this year. It’s an ambitious goal. I hope they succeed.