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Nintendo Sues Console ROM Sites for ‘Mass’ Copyright Infringement ➝

Ernesto Van der Sar, reporting for TorrentFreak:

Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against the alleged operator of the popular console ROM sites LoveROMS.com and LoveRETRO.co. The sites are among the most notorious online hubs for pirated games, according to Nintendo, and face millions of dollars in potential damages.

I understand Nintendo’s need to protect their intellectual property, but I wish that companies would just turn a blind eye to sites like this.

The Pirate Bay Comes Back Online ➝


TPB is back online today, more than seven weeks after its servers were raided . The notorious torrent site is operating from the familiar .se domain and it appears that data loss is minimal.

Set aside your opinions on the morality of piracy — it’s incredible that The Pirate Bay has lasted this long and has come back from as many government raids and takedowns as it has.

Netflix Uses Pirate Sites to Determine What Shows to Buy ➝

There are some clever folks at Netflix.

UK Internet Filter May Censor More Than Expected ➝

It’s a slippery slope.