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Permanent Daylight Saving Time ➝

Ldstephens, writing about Daylight Saving Time potentially becoming permanent:

I agree with doing away with the clock changing. But I don’t agree with staying on Daylight Saving Time. Like Arizona, we should stay on Standard Time year around. Here’s why. Living in the North East, staying on Daylight Saving Time would mean that us northern states will endure dark winter mornings under the new schedule.

I always half jokingly said we should just split the difference — shift back a half-an-hour from Daylight Saving Time and leave it at that. But now that I work in a distributed company, I don’t know what would be best — time zones are hard enough to deal with when you’re convert with whole hours. I can assure you I’m tired of losing that hour of sleep in the spring, though.

➝ Source: ldstephens.me