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FiftyThree Reacts to Apple Pencil ➝

FiftyThree’s statement to The Verge:

Every Pencil needs Paper. We’re excited to launch the all-new Paper on iPhone and iPad tomorrow, after which creative thinkers everywhere will see their phones and their ideas in a new light. We believe pen-and-touch input is the foundation for a new type of productivity geared towards creative thinking. Our and Apple’s products open up these tools to even more people, which we support. We at FiftyThree are excited to reveal where we think the next chapter of productivity is headed.

I don’t actually think Apple’s competing product will hurt FiftyThree. Their stylus is less expensive, works with all iPads and iPhones, and features the eraser end which is both intuitive and convenient.

iPad Pro Stylus, Force Touch on iPhone, and Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and Mouse ➝

I added an update to last week’s predictions piece with a summary of my response to Matt Hauger regarding the iPad Pro stylus, Force Touch on the iPhone, and an additional note on Apple’s new wireless keyboard and mouse.

Galaxy Note 5 Design Flaw: A Backwards S-Pen Can Permanently Damage the Device ➝

Who wants a stylus when it can apparently damage your device if you make the honest, and I’d guess common, mistake of putting it away backwards?

Samsung has also issued a response, as reported by The Verge:

We highly recommend our Galaxy Note5 users follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure they do not experience such an unexpected scenario caused by reinserting the S pen in the other way around.

Translation: we admit no guilt and if your device ends up broken, it’s your fault.

FiftyThree Removes in-App Purchases from ‘Paper’ ➝

All of the features that used to be hidden behind an in-app purchase are now free when you open the app. Rather than charging for the features, FiftyThree will instead be making all of their money from sales of their Pencil drawing stylus.

My iPad Air 2 should be delivered sometime tomorrow and I expect Paper to be one of the first applications I download from the App Store.

Pencil. Think With Your Hands. ➝

I’ve never been a fan of tablets that use a stylus but Pencil is the type of stylus that I can get excited about. Especially after watching the promo video. If only it worked with the original iPad (which I’m still holding on to).

Doesn’t Everyone Want a Surface Pro Now? ➝

I don’t know what I’ve been doing without a stylus all these years.

Microsoft Still Pursuing Pen-Based Tablets ➝

Bill Gates in an interview with FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman:

Microsoft has a lot of different tablet projects that we’re pursuing. We think that work with the pen that Microsoft pioneered will become a mainstream for students. It can give you a device that you can not only read, but also create documents at the same time.

Microsoft has been trying to make pen-based tablets work for nearly ten years, and they’ve failed. Why are they under the impression that such a product would be successful today? Have they been ignoring the past three years that have clearly shown that touch-based inputs are what everyone wants?

The only stylus-based product I can think of that has had any success in recent years is the Nintendo DS. But, we should all keep in mind that the DS’s only real competitor, up until the release of the App Store, was the PSP. The DS is wildly successful, but I think it may have more to do with lack of competition than it does with its input mechanism.