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Markdown Comes to Simplenote ➝

From the Simplenote weblog:

Today we’re excited to announce that Markdown support has been added to the latest update of Simplenote for iOS.

To enable Markdown for a note, just tap on the ‘Markdown’ button in the note info panel. You can then swipe on the note editor to view the Markdown preview. Once you’ve enabled Markdown for a note, all new notes you create in the future will have it enabled by default. We hope you enjoy this handy new feature!

I’ve been using Simplenote ever since I moved away from Vesper last year. It’s a great app, but unfortunately, this new Markdown support is far from robust. There’s no inline previews or shortcuts to help with the syntax, which I would consider to be essential features. I’ll continue using Simplenote as my notes app of choice, but I’ll keep my Markdown writing in Ulysses.

The New Simplenote Apps ➝

Shawn Blanc does a great rundown of the newly released Simplenote apps. I stopped using Simplenote when I made the switch to Vesper. There are rare occsions, however, when I really miss the ability to sync notes between my iPhone and my computer.

I haven’t decided to switch back yet, but it’s nice knowing that there has been some substantial updates to the Simplenote ecosystem that I could fiddle around with if I do decide to move back.

Notational Velocity Syncs with Simplenote ➝

My favorite mac notes app, Notational Velocity, was recently updated to version 2.0 beta 2. With the new release came some great improvements including a new icon by Colin Cody and better synchronization with WriteRoom/SimpleText.ws. But, the best new feature of all is that Notational Velocity now includes built-in Simplenote syncing.

Simplenote happens to be my favorite iPhone notes application, it is drop dead simple and the interface is super clean. I’ve been using Notational Velocity off and on since I heard about it early last year. The lack of this exact feature is what has kept me from using it full time, instead using Simplenote’s web app because of the syncing.

With this new feature, Notational Velocity just became invaluable to me.