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Amazon May Be Planning Drive-Up Grocery Stores with First Coming to Sunnyvale, CA ➝

Nathan Donato-Weinstein, reporting for Silicon Valley Business Journal:

The e-commerce giant is developing a new drive-up store concept in Silicon Valley that will allow consumers to order grocery items online, then schedule a pickup at a dedicated facility, according to industry sources familiar with Amazon’s plans. If confirmed, the project could signal a new distribution strategy for Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer, while adding an additional threat to a grocery industry already in the throes of change.

This seems like a fairly obvious progression of Amazon’s business. One of the biggest problems with online retail is that you can’t purchase items that you need today — grocery items being some of the more notable examples. But, purchasing items online and picking them up at a warehouse location sounds pretty compelling.

Although, I doubt this sort of system would convince me to switch from my beloved Wegmans — a store that I genuinely enjoy shopping at.