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Apple and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Drop in iPhone Sales ➝

John Gruber:

In chart form, you can see what an anomaly last year was with the iPhone 6. But given that you can almost draw a straight line connecting the other four points in the chart, I’m not willing to call it a peak yet. But even if we see a return to growth, it might take several years before we see another Q2 with over 60 million units sold.

Going based on the trend line of iPhone sales from 2012-2014, I’d guess the next Q2 with over 60 million units sold will be in two or three years.

Apple iPhone Sees First Year-Over-Year Sales Dip ➝

Jordan Crook, reporting for TechCrunch:

For the first time in its history, the iPhone is experiencing a drop in sales.

In 2015 at this same time, Apple sold 61 million units of the iPhone. This year, for the period ending March, Apple only sold 51.2 million units, representing a 16 percent YOY drop.

This is to be expected. As smartphone hardware matures, there’s less of an incentive to upgrade to the latest model — all of the compelling features have already been built. Folks like you and I might upgrade every year or two, but I expect it will become increasingly common for average users to continue using their handset until it doesn’t work anymore.

Apple Watch Could Sell 8-9 Million Units in First Year of Sales ➝

I would continue to take Slice Intellegence’s numbers with a grain of salt, but if Apple sells 8-9 million units in the first year (as Slice’s sales-per-day numbers suggest) I’d consider that a huge success. I never subscribed to the 20-40 million units number that many analysts were predicting. Remember, the fastest selling product in Apple’s history is the iPad and it “only” sold 14.8 million units in its first year. Why would anyone expect the Apple Watch to sell faster than the iPad?

Two Million ➝

Apple has announced that less than 60 days after the release of the iPad, two million have been sold. It took Apple 28 days to sell one million and an extra 32 to sell their second million.

Demand doesn’t seem to be letting up as quickly as some may have thought it would. And, I wonder if those same people still consider it a flop.