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How to Keep Your Desktop Tidy With Hazel ➝

A great tip here from Rose Orchard, showing how to setup Hazel to automatically move files off of your desktop. I take dozens of screenshots each day and if I didn’t have something like this setup, my desktop would grow out of control very quickly. My Hazel rules move all image files from my desktop to ~/Documents/Screenshots Archive/ after 15 minutes. Then it moves all files in that folder to the Trash after thirty days.

Customizing the Today Screen on macOS ➝

After seeing this piece by Rose Orchard, I took the time to go through and customize the Today Screen on my work computer. I’m currently using the following widgets:

  • The Clock, which I setup with the time zones I interact with most while I work.
  • Fantastical, so I can keep on top of important events and meetings.
  • Things, my preferred to do list app.
  • Deliveries, so I can keep track of the items I order.
  • AirBuddy, which gives me some information about my battery as well as a quick and easy way to connect my AirPods.

I’m always on the lookout for cool an interesting apps, so if you have any neat Today Screen widgets that you rely on, please let me know about them!

How to Use Do Not Disturb to Your Advantage ➝

A great little quick tip by Rose Orchard over at The Sweet Setup. Coincidentally, I just setup Do Not Disturb on my iOS devices a few days ago. I’m loving it so far and I don’t think I’m ever turning back.