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Apple’s Troubling Relationship With China ➝

Dan Moren, writing in reference to a recent piece about Apple and China:

That reliance is a significant vulnerability for any company, but especially one that touts its belief in human rights, equality, and privacy, three ideals that would seem to run headlong into a government that has problems with all of them. What the article makes clear is that balance of power has changed over the past decade, and whereas once Apple might have been able to convince itself that it was importing its ideals into China, it seems more and more like China’s ideals are the ones affecting Apple.

This problem isn’t unique to Apple. Most, if not all, of the major companies whose products and services we interact with each day are being influenced by China. And I expect that influence is growing with each day that passes. If you’re in favor of freedom, liberty, and individual rights, you should be concerned about this.

➝ Source: sixcolors.com