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The Ageia PhysX Card ➝

Al Williams, writing for Hackaday:

Around 2006, a company called Ageia produced the PhysX card, which promised to give PCs the ability to do sophisticated physics simulations without relying on a video card.

Keep in mind that when this was built, multi-core CPUs were an expensive oddity and games were struggling to manage everything they needed to with limited memory and compute resources. The PhysX card was a “PPU” or Physics Processor Unit and used the PCI bus. Like many companies, Ageia made the chips and expected other companies — notably Asus — to make the actual board you’d plug into your computer.

I remember there being a lot of hype when this first launched, but it seemed like such a useless product to me. There were never that many games that supported it and most people would get more benefit from spending that $300 on a better CPU, GPU, or by purchasing a second GPU that they could run in SLI or CrossFire.

➝ Source: hackaday.com