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Pepsi Is Buying SodaStream ➝

Brian Heater, Writing for TechCrunch:

Pepsi this morning announced its intentions to buy Tel Aviv-based beverage company SodaStream for $3.2 billion. The deal comes as more consumers are turning away from sugary beverages and toward more sustainable, in-home options.

I love our SodaStream, but the selection of syrups on the market leave a lot to be desired. I hope this purchase means that we’ll see some high-quality, Pepsi-branded syrups on sale soon. A few more natural, non-high fructose corn syrup options would be nice too.

PepsiCo Announces Pepsi Perfect ➝

Turn your jeans inside-out, grab your hoverboard, and put some money on the Cubbies. Shit’s about to get real. Pepsi will be selling limited edition bottles of “Pepsi Perfect” to commemorate Doc, Marty, and Jennifer’s arrival on October 21.

Unfortunately, there will only be 6,500 bottles available, priced at a clever $20.15 each. The good news is Marty and Jennifer aren’t assholes, however, something’s gotta be done about their kids.

And by the way, could you please donate some money to save the clock tower, it’s about time we get that thing fixed.