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FiftyThree Announces ‘Think’ Update to Paper App ➝

Three brand new tools for Paper — Diagram, Fill, and Cut — which allow you to use Paper as a mobile whiteboarding app. You can now easily draw circles, squares, arrows, fill in objects, and more.

I use Paper a lot for sketching ideas, building hand-written checklists, and drawing diagrams to organize my thoughts. I’ve been trying out the new tools for a few days and absolutely love them. They make it even faster to get the thoughts in my head onto my iPad where it they can be saved or shared. I especially enjoy the Diagram tool which offers far more functionality than any of the other tools in Paper.

FiftyThree Removes in-App Purchases from ‘Paper’ ➝

All of the features that used to be hidden behind an in-app purchase are now free when you open the app. Rather than charging for the features, FiftyThree will instead be making all of their money from sales of their Pencil drawing stylus.

My iPad Air 2 should be delivered sometime tomorrow and I expect Paper to be one of the first applications I download from the App Store.