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Palm Eos/Pixie Confirmed in Pre Code ➝

Recently the root image of the Palm Pre leaked. Some cleaver fellows on the PreCentral.net forums managed to find a couple of references to “Pixie,” the code name for the rumored Centro-like WebOS based handset. Some of you may know Pixie from its supposed launch name, “Eos.”

The device has been said to have a smaller display and a full size QWERTY non-slide-out keyboard. There has been no real word from Palm on this, only what has been found in the root image, but it is looking very promising.

Update 9/8/09: Michael Arrington writing in TechCrunch claims to have heard that the Palm Eos will be unveiled this week.

AT&T to get WebOS and Android Based Devices This Year ➝

According to a couple of leaked AT&T slides, AT&T will be launching both a WebOS and an Android based device later this year.

The WebOS device is named the Eos and is the successor to the Centro. The device will be coming out in the second half of this year and will have a 2.63-inch capacitive 320×400 touchscreen, 4GB of storage, A-GPS, and a 2MP camera with flash.

The Android based device is the HTC Lancaster expected to be released August 3, 2009. It has a 2.8-inch 240×320 display, a slide out QWERTY keyboard, a 3MP camera, and a microSD card slot.

Both of these devices are really going to push AT&T further as having the most diverse smartphone lineup (in terms of mobile operating systems). The only device that is missing, which would really round out the offerings, is the BlackBerry Storm2 (most likely a Verizon exclusive).

Also, HTC Lancaster is a QWERTY slider with Android for AT&T.

Update 6/13/09: The Wall Street Journal is saying that Verizon should be getting the Palm Pre in January 2010.

Update 7/4/09: Palm Goon has posted some images from a Vietnam forum of a GSM Palm Pre. We all knew that the device would be coming to GSM carriers, Palm has never really been one to stick with exclusives for too long but this is the first confirmation that a GSM Pre actually exists.

Update 8/16/09: Some PreCentral.net readers have found the Wi-Fi certification documents for the North American GSM Palm Pre. Although it is likely this version of the Pre will hit Canada before the US, it is still promising to GSM users in the US.