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Delight on a Grand Scale ➝

Tyler Hall:

Are future developers going to feel nostalgia for the hamburger menu? The Facebook newsfeed? Grayscale UI and identically shaped app icons? Flat UI?

I’m trying very hard not to fall into the trap of being yet another old man yelling at kids to get off my lawn, but I struggle to find delight on a grand scale in modern software. Every incremental step, year over year (from all companies, this isn’t just about Apple), seems to be focused on removing emotion and affection from our devices rather than finding ways to strengthen that bond.

I still think about that version of Twitter for the iPad with the sliding panels, the iPod app for the original iPhone, and Birdhouse. But thinking about today’s software — although much of it is truly great — I can’t really identify anything that I’ll be nostalgic for in ten or twenty years.

➝ Source: tyler.io