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Switching Registrars ➝

Joe Buhlig, on moving from Hover to Namecheap:

Honestly, I’m just complaining that I am paying more for less. And after a year of working through this, I have decided to move everything over to Namecheap.

Namecheap offers free email forwarding, has lower prices, gives me true 301 redirects, and seems to be more intentional with domain privacy. Which means it fits the bill for all my complaints

I have my domains split between a Hover and Media Temple. At one point, all of my domains were on Media Temple — that’s where I host my site and it made sense at the time to just keep everything together. Since then I’ve purchased a few domains from Hover, but I’ve been thinking of moving all of my domains to one place again.

I was considering moving them to Hover because I like their web design and service. But I manage my domains so infrequently that it might actually be better for me to choose a registrar based on price. Namecheap was on my shortlist and after reading Joe’s piece, I think I might go with them.

➝ Source: joebuhlig.com