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Will Twitter Become as Useless as MySpace?

I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about Twitter becoming as useless as MySpace, or the worry that it might. The problem with every other social network in the past is that once the non-tech savvy start to show up the usefulness of the service seems to drop (I’m sorry but this has just been my personal experience), there just becomes too much noise and trying to find useful information becomes very difficult.

But, the difference with Twitter is that you only see people you choose to see. John Gruber (@gruber) put it perfectly:

The genius of Twitter: you pick who you follow, so every illiterate in the world can join (and they are) and it doesn’t change your stream.

The current cause for concern amongst the people I know is that all of Oprah’s fans are going to ruin Twitter. But, how can that affect you unless you follow those people, even if people you follow start to make mentions of uninteresting users you can always just unfollow them.

Twitter really is the kind of service where it can be useful or completely useless, it is all up to you. As long as you follow interesting people you will only see interesting tweets.

So the short answer, no, Twitter won’t become as useless as MySpace.