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How to Fight Back Against AMP ➝

Marko Saric:

Publishers and other site owners feel forced to use AMP as they fear that they’ll lose Google visibility and traffic without it. These are the forces some publishers cannot resist until more people stop using Google Chrome and search.

You as a site owner or developer are a different case. I like the idea of a faster and distraction-free web but I don’t like the idea of web being controlled and molded by one company. Especially not one that is the largest advertising company in the world.

If you use AMP on your site, I would encourage you to get rid of it. AMP is bad for the web and bad for website owners in the long-term. You might get some additional traffic now, but at what cost? Is it really worth becoming just another generic publisher on the web with a site that’s nearly indistinguishable from all of the other AMP sites?

➝ Source: markosaric.com