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Mammoth App Announces Mastodon Instance ➝

Shihab Mehboob:

We’re continuing to refine our vision for the app. We are building a beautiful Mastodon app for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, and making it easier for new users to onboard onto the Fediverse & Mastodon. The power of Mastodon, its federated architecture, is also the most confusing aspect for newcomers: “Where do I start?” To help solve this problem, we are building Moth.social, our server. Mammoth will continue to fully and enthusiastically support all Mastodon servers (minus the icky ones), and you’ll continue to be able to use it to connect with your favorite server. But for new users, we are integrating an easy use Create An Account feature that is connected to Moth.social. We have the 0.1 build of our server ready. Today we’ll be signing up the first 100 users on our server. Head on over to Moth.social if you enjoy living on the bleeding edge, warts and all!

Managing a public instances is tough work, but this does solve the commonly voiced problem that newcomers don’t know where to start. I wouldn’t be surprised if other Mastodon app developers follow suit.

➝ Source: getmammoth.app