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How to Install Linux ➝

A conveniently timed video from Linus Tech Tips going over the process of installing Pop!_OS. It’s very PC-oriented, but much of the process is still relevant if you’re installing on Mac hardware.

I installed Pop!_OS on my 2008 iMac yesterday to tinker around with and I’m pretty impressed — desktop Linux has come a long way in the past decade. Many distributions have built-in app stores that make application management a breeze — something that was still a bit of a mess the last time I toyed around with Linux.

I should be getting a second-hand MacBook Air sometime in the next few weeks and I’m leaning toward installing Pop!_OS on it. I’ll still use iPhone and iPad as my primary devices, but I’m thinking Linux will be more than capable of handling the tasks I still lean on a traditional operating system for.

➝ Source: www.youtube.com