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Evernote Employees Can Read Your Notes, and There’s No Way to Opt-Out ➝

Thorin Klosowski, writing for Lifehacker:

In a recent update to its Privacy Policy set to go into effect on January 23, 2017, Evernote lays out how their machine learning technology will work, which most notably includes the fact that “human review is simply unavoidable.” The machine learning analyzes your notes, then provides a number of features, including improved search, learning how you use Evernote then showing you data specific to how you use it, and even detecting if you’re doing something like making a list then suggesting different features. In order to make sure their technology is operating as its supposed to, employees will need to look at the content of some notes.


How to Leave Apple’s Public Beta Program ➝

I’ll have to keep this in mind as we get closer to the official release of iOS 9.1. I don’t mind running beta versions of iOS occasionally, but I’m ready to live on a stable version for a few months.

How to Turn Off Automatic Subscription Renewal in Apple Music ➝

Whether you think you’ll enjoy Apple Music or not, I suggest turning off automatic subscription renewal to prevent a surprise charge in three months.

Microsoft Build Developer Conference ➝

Eric Ravenscraft runs down all of the important Microsoft announcements at their Build developer conference on Wednesday.

Google Reader Alternatives ➝

Google Reader is closing tomorrow. Export your data from Google Reader and find an alternative. My top picks are Feedly and Digg Reader.