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K-9 Mail Joins the Thunderbird Family ➝

cketti, writing on K-9 Mail’s weblog:

A few weeks ago you might have read that the Thunderbird project is working on a mobile email client. Some of you have mentioned that it might have been a better strategy to support one of the existing open source email clients on Android rather than creating a new one. As you may have guessed from the title of this post, the Thunderbird project came to the same conclusion.

I’m very excited to announce that K-9 Mail is now part of the Thunderbird family

I haven’t used Thunderbird with any regularity in years, but much of that is because most of my email app usage has moved to iOS. I’m excited to see how K-9 Mail evolves with this change and I’m very happy to hear that they’re considering an iOS app, too.

➝ Source: k9mail.app