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‘Radical New Case Design’ ➝

Jonathan S. Geller:

BGR has independently confirmed that the next-generation iPhone will not merely be an upgraded iPhone 4 as had been previously rumored. We have been told by a reliable source to expect a radical new case design for the upcoming iPhone, though we have not been given any additional details surrounding the design of the new iPhone case.

We’ll see.

Apple Back to School Special May Include $300 iPad Offer ➝

Jonathan S. Geller writing last week for the Boy Genius Report:

One of our Apple sources has informed us that they’ve been hearing Apple’s yearly back-to-school special will be announced at WWDC next month. […] there might be something new in the works, as well… they heard that it’s possible Apple might offer students up to $200 off an iPad with the purchase of a new Mac.

This got me thinking about this discount in general. Wouldn’t it be cool if this offer was available to registered developers, that had an approved application in either the Mac or iOS App Store?

Also, if I can get a $300 iPad 2 when I purchase my MacBook Air, I wouldn’t hesitate buying one.

Apple May Be Planning a 10th Anniversary Retail Event ➝

Jonathan S. Geller reporting for the Boy Genius Report:

We have just received some information from a solid Apple source, and if they’re right, Apple may be planning something big for its 10th retail anniversary this Thursday the 19th.

Rumor has it, each Apple Store will have 10-15 employees working overnight from May 21-22 with all-hands meetings planned for May 22. It’s hard to tell what they’re planning but I’m excited to see what it’ll be.