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Jonathan Ive in Conversation with Graydon Carter ➝

The full interview from Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit.

Jony Ive on Lessons He Learned From Steve Jobs ➝

Talking on stage with Graydon Carter at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit. The one at the end about caring how others perceive you I found to be very thought provoking.

Marc Newson to Join Apple ➝

If Marc Newson is somehow involved with Apple’s announcements on Tuesday, why would anyone (especially Jony Ive) provide a statement regarding his hire before the event? Wouldn’t you rather announce him joining the team on stage or immediately following the event in order to avoid giving any clues about what could be announced on September 9?

The timing on this seems odd to me.

Forstalled ➝

John Gruber on the ousting of Scott Forstall:

Forstall is not walking away; he was pushed. Potential factors that worked against Forstall: his design taste, engineering management, abrasive style, and the whole iOS 6 Maps thing. I also wonder how much Forstall was effectively protected by his close relationship with Steve Jobs — protection which, obviously, no longer exists.

Tim Cook isn’t above making mistakes — he’s the one who brought on John Browett — but I have a feeling that this was the right move for the company. And, Jony Ive will do a great job overseeing all product design, hardware and software.

Jonathan Ive to Design a Limited Edition Leica M ➝

I’m hoping Ive will put some innovations into his design and that other camera companies will be “inspired” by it. Camera designs are already quite good in the high-end but Ive could have an interesting perspective and make some changes that others wouldn’t have thought of.

(Via Cult of Mac.)