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Changing Minds on Sideloading ➝

JF Martin:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m changing my mind on the sideloading of apps on the iPhone. I’m all in, and it is all Apple’s fault. I’m the one who wrote, “A Message to Apple Developers: We Don’t Need Another Android Platform“. And yet, I’m changing my mind. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t want sideloading, but we’re not in a perfect world. Apple isn’t perfect. The App Store isn’t perfect. Developers aren’t perfect. The App Store review team isn’t perfect. Everything isn’t perfect.

If you’re still opposed to Apple allowing sideloaded apps, read this.

➝ Source: numericcitizen.me

The Date of Publication Is a Must ➝

JF Martin:

Have you ever searched the web to find an article where you couldn’t see at what date it was published? It happens to me quite often. I don’t understand why such an important piece of information isn’t communicated to the readers.

He goes on to mention putting the date in your URLs, which I do here — the year and month, anyway. And while that’s still a very good idea, since iOS doesn’t show the full URL in Safari unless you have the address bar selected, having it in the URL isn’t as useful as it used to be.

The date on the webpage is a must. And if you publish an update more substantive than a simple typo fix, add the date it was edited too.

➝ Source: numericcitizen.io

Are We Digital Nomads? ➝

JF Martin:

In the last few months, on Twitter and on Micro.blog, I’ve been witnessing something that takes the shape of a small phenomenon: people are moving from one place to another in the digital space.

Yes. Although sometimes it feels like we’re more akin to digital refugees.

➝ Source: numericcitizen.micro.blog

iOS 13 Text Selection ➝

Benjamin Mayo, alongside a video where he shows the problems with iOS 13’s text selection:

In the WWDC 2019 presentation, Craig Federighi praised the new UI for text selection, saying “there’s no need to double tap and no magnifying glass getting in your way”. I remember doing a double-take when he said it because that’s not really true at all. The magnifying glass was a convenience, rather than annoyance. Getting rid of it sounded like it would be exactly the wrong thing to do, especially as there was no alternative UI affordance to fulfil its purpose.

The text selection system in iOS 13 is absolute garbage. I can never tell if I have my selection point at the right place because my finger is always in the way. This is especially irritating when you’re dealing with more precise selections, for example, when you’re ending your selection between a punctuation mark (like a period’ and a small character (like a lowercase L or I).

The loop is an essential piece of the text selection interface and the refinement is almost exclusively a massive step backward. I hope they revert this change in a future update. Or at the very least give us the option to re-enable it in settings.

(Via JF Martin.)

➝ Source: bzamayo.com

A Touching but Troubling Ad ➝

JF Martin, on Apple’s latest holiday ad:

On many occasions, parents will give the kids an iPad in order to… calm them down. These little girls certainly seem to move some air around them. Apple wants us to believe these moments become an opportunity for creative expression. Maybe. But this parenting behaviour is far too common in our society. Sure this same thing happened before the iPad. Parents would put us in front of a TV show or a movie so we can give them some relief. Yet, with the iPad, it is even more common because of the device portability. I see this as setting our kids aside from our society, our reality. They no longer learn from their parents, they learn from the Internet.

This was my exact reaction to the ad as well. The ending is quite heartwarming, but all of the moments leading up to it gave me pause. The parents sure seem to push the iPad on these kids a bit more than I would prefer.

Comparing this new ad to, what I consider to be, the best ad of all time. Which was released by Apple in 2013 and has a similar spirit to this new one. The teenager in the 2013 ad isn’t being pushed toward using devices, he uses them as a way to express himself and share memories with the family. It isn’t a result of parents occupying his time, it’s something he wanted to do.

➝ Source: numericcitizen.me

iOS and iPadOS 13 Impressions ➝

Some quick observations and impressions from JF Martin on the latest beta of iOS and iPadOS. I just installed it on my iPad last night and share a similar experience — it’s surprisingly stable for such an early release.

Flickr Introducing ‘in Memoriam’ Account Status ➝

Flickr is introducing a new account status on their service — “In Memoriam”. This account status is available to existing Flickr members who have passed away. For accounts that have been given this status, Flickr will preserve all public content on their profile, even if the account’s Pro subscription expires.

I really like seeing news from Flickr in my RSS feeds and hope this trend continues.

(Via JF Martin.)