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iOS in the Car Shown on Video ➝

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith did some digging in iOS 7.0.3 and found the beginnings of iOS in the Car which isn’t set to ship until later this year.

Quickly Rating Songs in iOS 7

Now PlayingSong Rating

I’ve recently been re-listening to and rating my entire music collection. In previous versions of iOS rating songs was a hassle — you would have to tap the icon in the upper-right to flip the album in order to reveal the song rating input. For several weeks after updating to iOS 7, I continued to rate songs in a similar fashion. But, iOS 7 had the added step of tapping the Rating button from the album list view before you were able to input your  rating for the song.

But now, there’s an easier way. From the Now Playing screen simply tap on the name of the song and five dots will appear in the name’s place allowing you to rate the song. This has made my song rating endeavors much more efficient.

iOS Update to Tweetbot Submitted to App Store ➝

Mark Jardine writing on the Tapbots weblog:

Seven months ago, we started working on a big update for Calcbot. We were hoping to release it sometime in the summer. Two months in, Apple announced iOS7 at WWDC. We knew this was a huge change. It would make every single one of our apps look dated so we had to make sure our flagship app was ready for it. All of the design work that went into the Calcbot update was rendered obsolete in one keynote and so we focused our energy on updating Tweetbot for iPhone. Playing with the beta of iOS7 over the next few weeks brought us to the realization that this would not just be a “re-skin”. We really had to just start over with the new foundation and concepts of iOS7.

I’m happy that they decided to take the time and work on a real update to Tweetbot, rather than just do a quick iOS 7 re-skin. There’s a few apps that I use whose developer simply reskinned the app and they don’t feel as good as they used to.

Instapaper 5.0 ➝

Great update to a great application. I absolutely love the new sorting functionality.

iOS 7’s Delightful Details ➝

Shawn Blanc on iOS 7:

It is a stark contrast to what we’ve been so familiar with on the iPhone and iPad, but it quickly grows on you. And all of these little details that are sprinkled throughout iOS 7 — some obvious, some not so obvious — just go to show that even when doing a major overhaul of their most popular operating system, Apple still takes time to sweat the details and add in those little design decisions which surprise and delight.

I’ve been using iOS 7 since Apple released the gold master build to developers and it’s quite nice. It does take a few days to get used to — I’m still double tapping the home button to play/pause music — but most of the changes quickly become second nature.

All of the iPhone users in my life that don’t live and breath tech like I do have had much more harsh reactions to the changes, but I imagine it may just take them a few extra days to get used to the new design.

I’ve especially fallen in love with iTunes Radio. I was a huge Pandora user before iOS 7 but was always frustrated that I couldn’t thumbs up or thumbs down a song from the lock screen. Apple has added this functionality to the lock screen for iTunes Radio, and I couldn’t be happier because of it. Little details like this are what make me really love using iOS.

Siri Quietly Exits Beta with iOS 7 ➝

Mark Gurman reporting for 9 to 5 Mac:

Late this past week, Apple updated its Siri webpages to drop all references to the product being in beta.

I’ve used Siri a few times on iOS 7 and it does seem to work a lot better than previous versions. It couldn’t be in beta forever.

iOS 7 Coming September 18 ➝

All new design, Control Center, AirDrop, iTunes Radio, and more.

BiometricKitUI ➝

Hamza Sood has found files in the iOS 7 beta that indicates that the upcoming iPhone will likely include a fingerprint sensor.