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Why Apple Is Missing the Boat on Home Wi-Fi ➝

Kirk McElhearn, writing for Intego’s mac security weblog:

A mesh wi-fi system could form part of a broader Apple home network. Imagine if the HomePod, Apple TV, or future Apple in-home devices, acted as a satellite for a wi-fi access point, as well as being a HomeKit hub; this could get more people to buy these media devices, knowing that they would serve more than one purpose.

In addition, the Time Capsule, an AirPort base station with a built-in hard drive, was a great way to ensure that people backed up their Macs. It meant that both desktop Macs and laptops could be automatically backed up without needed to connect an external hard drive. This was not without its quirks, but the technology was seamless. Apple could have extended this backup to iOS devices as well, allowing local backups instead of or in addition to iCloud backups.

I love my Eero setup, but I’d trade it in a heartbeat for an Apple designed and developed mesh Wi-Fi system that allowed Time Capsules, HomePods, and Apple TVs to extend the network.

➝ Source: intego.com

‘Flashback.G’ Trojan Infecting Macs with Older Java Runtime ➝

The software can be installed without your knowledge if your Java runtime isn’t up to date. But, it can also be installed with the latest version of Java if you agree to trust a bogus root certificate that claims to be signed by Apple Inc.

There’s no indication of how widespread this problem is but the only things you have to remember are, keep your software up to date and don’t trust root certificates if their signature cannot be verified.

(Via 9 to 5 Mac.)