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Silicon Dust Quietly Introduces HDHomeRun Premium ➝

Phil Nickinson, writing for Cordcutters:

SiliconDust, the parent company of HDHomerun, on Aug. 18 announced HDHomerun Premium — 45 streaming channels for $34.99 a month. No contracts, and no cancellation fees, and it all works right inside the same HDHomerun application.

The service is be available on all HDHomerun Connect and HDHomerun Extend devices — specifically, models HDHR4-2US, HDHR5-2US, HDHR5-4US, and HDTC-2US. It’s available now (pending a firmware update to version 20180802 or newer) in the United States, and “coming soon” to Canada. Software-wise, the premium service works on Mac OS, Windows 10, Android and android TV, and iOS.

This is a neat new feature, especially since they were able to release it on existing hardware and get it working with third-party software as well. I use the Channels app on Apple TV and was able to preview all of the channels available with the premium subscription by turning them on in the app’s settings.

I doubt I’ll end up subscribing because my current setup gives me all the entertainment options I need, but I’ll keep it in mind if I’m ever in the market.