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Fitbit Adds ‘MobileTrack’ to iOS App ➝

The new MobileTrack feature uses the M7 coprocessor in recent iOS devices to track movement. I used the app for about a week, but eventually went back to using Pedometer++. Although the Fitbit icon is infinitely nicer than Pedometer++’s, the Fitbit app takes a few seconds longer than Pedometer++ to update my current steps and I liked that Pedometer++ displays my step count with much larger text than Fitbit does.

Kyle Baxter on the Fitbit Flex ➝

For the past two or three years the Fitbit has always crossed my mind around Christmas time and my birthday. But, I’ve never pulled the trigger and actually put it on my wishlist. I’ve been afraid that it would end up as another piece of technology that I don’t actually use anymore. But Kyle, having similar concerns, has continued to use his almost two months in to wearing it.

I’ve spent the past 5 months on an exercise routine in hopes of getting in better shape. But, I’m certain that I could be eating better and would like to have more information about how many calories I intake and burn each day. The Fitbit has always appealed to me but after reading Kyle’s piece about it, I think it’s time I actually pick one up.