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A Supposed Higher Bar for Customer Protection ➝

Juli Clover, writing for MacRumors

Epic Games wants the judge to force Apple to allow multiple app stores on iOS, similar to how it works on Mac, which would allow users to install apps that have not been reviewed by Apple. During questioning, Federighi was asked why app stores on iOS shouldn’t work like the Mac, where apps can be installed via the Mac App Store or from third-party sources.

In response, Federighi said third-party app installation is often exploited on the Mac. “iOS has established a dramatically higher bar for customer protection,” he said. “The Mac is not meeting that bar today.”

I shudder to think about what this means for the future of the Mac.

If Apple eliminated the ability to install apps from outside of the Mac App Store, I would have to move to another operating system for our home server. And Iā€™d likely start moving away from Apple-centric software and services too.

āž Source: macrumors.com