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iPhone SE 2 Rumored to Launch in First Half of 2018 ➝

Joe Rossignol, writing for MacRumors:

Apple will release a second-generation iPhone SE in the first half of 2018, according to China’s Economic Daily News.

The report claims the tentatively named iPhone SE 2 will be assembled exclusively by Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron at its factory in Bengaluru, India, where some assembly of the current iPhone SE occurs.

The rumored release date window lines up with an earlier report from Focus Taiwan claiming a new iPhone SE will ship in the first quarter of 2018, which encompasses January through March of next year.

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 8 have eliminated my interest in 4-inch iPhones, but I know the form factor continues to have a devoted fanbase. My wife being one of them. Not a month goes by without her asking if there are any rumors of a new iPhone SE. She has no interest in carrying a larger phone — it’s not comfortable for her to hold and none of them fit in her jeans’ pockets. She’s going to be very happy about this rumor. And the supposed release window is conveniently timed — it’ll be about two years after she purchased her current iPhone SE, which is exactly when she planned to buy a new phone.

Apple May Drop Glass Back in Favor of Aluminum in iPhone 5 ➝

Sam Oliver reporting for AppleInsider:

The report claims that issues with scratches and paint mixture for the white iPhone 4 have allegedly prompted Apple to switch to aluminum, according to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News[…] Citing a Chinese source, the publication claims that Apple will adopt a design similar to the iPod touch for the iPhone 5.

The antenna is rumored to be behind a radio-transparent Apple logo on the back of the device. Sounds like a pretty neat design. I really liked the first-generation iPhone’s design and this sounds very similar to that.

The Economic Daily News also reported rumors last November that claimed the iPad 2 would feature FaceTime, smaller size panels featuring thinner glass, 3-axis gyroscope, a USB port, and Retina Display. Two out of five is pretty bad if you ask me.

Unless another news source publishes similar rumors, I’d take this one with a grain of salt.